a Barking Rat film

is an award winning production company formed in 2010, designed to create unique and creative stories through Documentaries, Comedy Series and Feature films.

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“Storytelling is important.

I enjoy the collaborative aspect and process of film making. I love that it requires so many talented people from different departments and all walks of life, coming together to make an idea work. I also love being on set.” John Barker, Writer & Director.


Table Work is hosted on the last Tuesday of every month in Melville. This is an opportunity for filmmakers to workshop their scripts to an audience before going into production. The table read is followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers. This initiative is brought to you by a Barking Rat film, the Goliath’s and Dog Pack collective.

John Barker Table Work


A selection of Barker's eclectic and collaborative projects; ranging from features, commercials, music videos, documentaries and mockumentaries.


Deirdre Mullan is a production manager and handles all things admin for a Barking Rat film if you need anything organized or sorted out pop her an email.

Media / Admin: deirdre@barkingrat.co.za

Creative: john@barkingrat.co.za