Lolly Jackson


On the verge of the South African World Cup, LOLLY JACKSON, strip club kingpin, is found on an East Rand driveway, naked, and shot through fifteen times. But not even death can keep Lolly down. He turns to us, smiles, and starts telling his story, about going from pimp, to drug trafficker, to underground gambling kingpin, to launching the greatest achievement of a gloriously free, post-apartheid South Africa -- the stripclub chain, TEAZERS.

The country had seen nothing like it. The country had seen nothing like him -- Lolly. Our Lolly. Bigger than Mandela. Bigger than anyone apart from, maybe, from RADOVAN KREJCIR, election rigger, gun runner, human trafficker, fleeing his native Prague for Johannesburg.

It’s a big town, but it’s not big enough for both of them.

This is a gangster story, true to life, told by a gangster who made every mistake and found no redemption while he lived. It’s in the telling, however, that we offer him some understanding -- of himself, the path he chose, and the price of freedom.

Director – John Barker

Writer – Lev David & John Barker

Proposed Cast – Sharlto Copley, Sasha Pieterse, Kim Engelbrecht, Jamie Bartlet


Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP): Script selected for the feature film, Lolly


About John Barker

Writer/Director/Producer, known for his directorial debut film Bunny Chow.

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